Lucien Caye

Created by O’Neil De Noux

LUCIEN CAYE is a WWII vet (he’s got a Purple Heart medal and a Silver Star for bravery to prove it) and a former New Orleans Police Officer in this solid private eye series set in post-war Louisiana, and he’s one Big Easy eye who doesn’t mind getting a little sweaty. He first appeared in an erotic detective short story, “Erotophobia” in Kiss and Kill (1997), and has since appeared in several more decidedly adult short stories in various anthologies and even several novels.

He’s a good-looking son of a bitch–tall, dark and handsome, with “Mediterranean brown eyes,” and women certainly find him rather attractive, often wanting to get to know him a little better. And Lucien’s generally more than eager to return the favour. But cut the guy some slack — he rarely drinks, doesn’t smoke and never wears a hat (it mightr muss up his hair).

A former vice-president  of The Private Eye Writers of America,  O’Neil De Noux is also responsible for several other series characters, all police officers with the NOPD, including his best-known creation, Homicide Detective Dino La Stanza (who later becomes a private eye), as well as 1890’s detective Jacques Dugas and Detective John Raven Beau.


  • “Erotophopia” (1997, Kiss and Kill: Hot Blood 8)
  • “Hard Rain” (1999, Pontalba Press Presents Short Stories: Volume 1)
  • “Friscoville” (April 1999, Hemispheres; 2001, The Thrilling Detective Web Site; aka “The Problem on Friscoville Avenue”)
  • “Lair of the Red Witch” (2000, The Mammoth Book of Erotic Short Stories)
  • “St. Expedite” (September 2001, Hemispheres)
  • “Bluegums” (February 2003, City Slab)Kindle it!
  • “The Iberville Mistress” (2003, Flesh & Blood: Guilty As Sin)
  • “Expect Consequences” (2003, Fedora II)
  • “The Heart Has Reasons” (September 2006, AHMM)
  • “Christmas Weather” (2006, New Orleans Confidential)
  • “Kissable Cleavage” (2006, New Orleans Confidential)
  • “Too Wise” (November 2008, EQMM)
  • “Guilty of Dust and Sin” (2009, New Orleans Mysteries) | Kindle it!
  • “They Called Her the Gungirl” (July/August 2010, AHMM)
  • “Tenderless Night” (October 2010, digital)Kindle it!
  • “She Gleeked Me” (August 2011, digital)Kindle it!
  • “Blue Gums” (February 2012, digital) | Kindle it!
  • “They Called Her the Gungirl” (January 2014, digital) | Kindle it!
  • “The Marriage Swindler” (June 2016, digital) | Kindle it!
  • “Effect on Men” (May 2018, digital) | Kindle it!
  • “Sac-A-Lait Man” (September/October 2019,  EQMM)
  • “Love Pirate” (September 2020, Black Cat Mystery Magazine)


  • New Orleans Confidential (2006; revised 2010)Buy this book | Kindle it!
    Featuring an intro by fellow New Orleans P.I. writer James Sallis.


Listed in series order, not publication order.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.


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