Rick Cahill

Created by Matt Coyle

Ex-cop RICK CAHILL left the police force under a cloud — he was suspected of being involved somehow in his wife’s death eight years earlier but nobody could ever prove it.

Now he’s a La Jolla restauranteur, trying to keep his head down and his nose out of trouble, doing a little private investigative work on the side (mostly catching adulterers on film). But when potential love interest Melody Malana, a sexy local TV reporter, gets arrested for murder and asks him for help, he reluctantly gets drawn into the investigation in Yesterday’s Echo (2013), a promising new debut novel by Matt Coyle.

And that promise was more than delivered. So far they have been several sequels and they’re all stellar — darkly vivid, hard-boiled fare that digs into the soft white underbelly of southern California life in all the best of the worst ways, featuring an all-too-human protagonist you can’t help rooting for, even when you want to smack him on the head.

Matt has a degree in English from the University of California, Santa Barbara, and has worked in the restaurant, golf, and sports collectible businesses. He lives in San Diego with his yellow Lab, Angus.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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