Mac McKenzie

Created by David Housewright

Ex-Twin Cities cop RUSHMORE “MAC” McKENZIE works some pretty quirky cases in David Housewright’s engaging, noir-tinged series, including investigating the mysterious death of some bees at a honey farm in Tin City (2005), or mucking around with spiritualists (real or imagined) in From the Grave (2020).

But what the hell does Mac care? He’s rich. Super rich. So damn rich that he’s chucked his police career to spend his time doing favors large and small for friends.

And how did he become so rich? By snagging a whopping big reward that made quitting the force a no-brainer. It’s a gimmick that woulda worn out a long time ago, except… Housewright delivers the goods, book after book, pushing and poking at the genre’s alleged boundaries, sorta like a latter day Pronzini.


David Housewright has worked as a journalist covering both crime and sports (sometimes simultaneously), an advertising copywriter and creative director, and a writing instructor. He won the Edgar Award for his first novel, Penance, in 1996, and the Minnesota Book Award for his second, Practice to Deceive, in 1998, both featuring private eye Holland Taylor. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota.



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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