Ed Stone

Created by Kenneth Robeson
Pseudonym of Lester Dent


ED STONE was a former prizefighter who reluctantly became a private eye to make ends meet, yet somehow, somewhere along the way he’d acquired a Chinese valet named One. Ed shouldn’t kick about it too much, though — One is the brains behind the outfit, the one who does most of the leg work and keeps the business going.

And, oh, those cases! Ed landed himself some doozies, including one dealing with Shakespeare’s remains.

Ed (and One) appeared in six stories in Crime Busters, from 1938 to 1939.


  • “Ring Around a Rosey” (August 1938, Crime Busters)
  • “The Dancing Dog” (August 1938, September, Crime Busters)
  • “The Queer Bees” (November 1938, Crime Busters)
  • “The Foolish Whales” (January 1939, Crime Busters)
  • “The Poet’s Bones” (March 1939, Crime Busters)
  • “The Horse’s Egg” (July 1939, Crime Busters)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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