Sam Jones

Created by Mike Knowles

Diane: “You a cop or something?”
Jones: “I’m a something.”
Diane: “What does that mean?”
Jones: “I’m a private investigator.”
Diane: “Shut up. That’s not a real thing.”
Running from the Dead

Those who lament that Canadian author Knowles’ professional go-between and career criminal Wilson isn’t really a private eye can rest a little easier now — Knowles latest creation has all his bona fides in order.

Not that that makes him a particularly happy detective. When we first meet him in his debut, Running from the Dead (2020), Toronto private detective SAM JONES has pretty much hit rock bottom. His six-year search for a missing eight-year-old boy ended in a basement full of bodies and regrets — an epic fail no matter how you slice it.

But maybe, just maybe, he has a shot at redemption. A young girl has gone missing, and Sam figures maybe, just maybe, he can start over with a clean slate. All he has to do is find her…

I have no idea if this one’ll be good or bad, but given Knowles’ track record (his series about Wilson is a long-time favourite), and judging from the few snippets I’ve seen, Running from the Dead is going to be some kind of a kick-ass treat. I’m looking forward to it.

Mike Knowles is a schoolteacher who lives in Hamilton, Ontario with his wife, children, and dog. He has written several previous novels, including Darwin’s Nightmare,Grinder,In Plain Sight,Never Play Another Man’s Game,The Buffalo Job,Rocks Beat Paper, and Tin Men, and he is currently his  mom’s favourite writer.


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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