Emma Victor

Created by Mary Wings

A former publicist and ex-leftie (whatever that means), EMMA VICTOR is one of the best, as well as one of the longest-lasting lesbian sleuths to make their debut in the eighties. She made her debut in 1987 with She Came Too Late, in which, suffering from burnout, Emma takes a job working a women’s hot line in Boston, and soon gets wrapped in a murder case.

As the series progresses, it becomes obvious to Emma that she has a knack for this kind of thing, and she soon has her P.I. license, and a new beat: the streets of San Francisco. And don’t let the burnout fool ya–Emma’s as tough as they come. Even Harriett Klausner is impressed. She calls Emma “a mix of compassion and steel.”


  • “If there’s any one book that perfectly balances literary, feminist and detective demands, it’s She Came Too Late. Wings… has a feel for the complex detective yarn, the unpredictable narrative turns and elements of evil that make sense in an ending we haven’t already guessed. As a result, she ranks up there with someone as hard-boiled as Paretsky, yet sticks to a resolutely lesbian-feminist perspective…”
    — “The Lady Dicks” by B. Ruby Rich (June 1989, The Village Voice Literary Supplement)



Report respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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