Rick Malone

Created by Michael Pool

“When I was first getting into this business, nobody bothered to tell me I’d spend most of my days pissing into bottles and waiting around.”

When we first meet young Denver private investigator RICK MALONE in the 2020 short story “In for a Penny,” he’s musing at length on the importance and rules of piss bottles (he personally prefers a pint size Gatorade bottle to “get the job done”). Alas, he doesn’t always follow his own rules. With embarrassing results.

Rick started out doing insurance work under the tutelage of some jasper called Bobby Delagrotte, but now he’s out on his own, doing what he can when he can–although not always successfully.

Still, the author gets props for, um, originality, at least–this is the first time I’ve read about a P.I. being confronted by the suspect he’s tailing who asks “Shit buddy, did you piss your pants?”

It’s be interesting to see where Pool takes this series. A novel, One Way Out, is planned for release in November 2020.

Michael Pool is the author of thrilling crime, mystery, and detective novels set in locales ranging from Texas to Colorado. He holds a master of fine arts degree in creative writing from Western Colorado University, and is the author of the Riley Reeves female private investigator mystery series. He’s also the founder of P.I. Tales, a publishing imprint that publishes his private eye work.


  • “In For A Penny” (June 2020, digital) Kindle it!
  • “Crimson Smile” (October 2020, digital)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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