Ethan Reckless

Created by Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

It’s Los Angeles in the 1980s, and former sixties radical and current troubleshooter (or is that troublemaker?)  ETHAN RECKLESS is on the prowl, going down mean streets Chandler could never have imagined; streets teeming with sex, and drugs and rock’n’roll, filled with more than a dollop of male wish fulfillment. I mean, Ethan works out of an old abandoned movie theate, his assistant is a teenage punk rock girl, and he drives a Dodge Van from the 70s. 

Very good indeed.

Ethan made his debut in the action-jammed Reckless (2020), the first in a proposed series of graphic novels by that dastardly duo, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, the modern masters of comic noir (Criminal, The Fade Out, etc.). Three more books are scheduled for 2021, each one–we’re told–a standalone full-length story.

But hey… Brubaker? Phillips?

Judging from the cheesily lurid cover and a few pre-publication blurbs (which seem to namecheck everyone from Travis McGee and Jack Reacher to Steve McQueen and Charles Bronson), they’re definitely going after that men’s adventure/action flick vibe.

My guess? They’ll nail it.


  • “Imagine Redford at his peak, ambling through sun-drenched, eighties L.A. in a serpentine plot that is equal parts Long Goodbye and Point Break… Explosive. Vital. And yes… reckless. I love this book.”
    — Damon Lindelof 
  • Reckless is an absolute rush: on the same level as golden age Travis McGee novels and the hardest-hitting Richard Stark stories. This one comes at you as fast as Steve McQueen in a souped-up Mustang and as hard as Charles Bronson with a baseball bat. You gotta have it.”
    — Joe Hill



Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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