My Scrapbook: “Exit” by Leslie Peterson Sapp

My Scrapbook
by Leslie Peterson Sapp

“A woman in a red dress and shocking white heels steals down a dim stairwell, her shadow looming against the wall, with nothing but a glowing red exit sign to observe her.”

A personal favourite of the Portland, Oregon artist, who’s art has been heavily influenced by film noir, has revisited this haunting image several times, judging from this 2021 Tweet:

 “Is this the final move? The exit sign in this painting has been redone for a FORTH time- Will this be my final move? Is the saga of Exit over once and for all??”

I dunno, but I dig the classic trenchcoat-and-fedora look (is she a P.I.?), and the freefall of shadows tumbling across the off-kilter angle of the staircase. The furtive look backward, as she flees… what?… the scene of a crime? Maybe a murder? Or a bad breakup? Both?


  • EXIT
    (28×18, Acrylic on wood panel)


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Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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