Ray Boyd

Created by Lee Goldberg

And here I thought that Lee Goldberg was such a nice boy…

I mean, the man wrote episodes of Diagnosis Murder!

And its tie-ins.

But in Crown Vic, he unleashes the beast with two violent, sexually explicit and previously unpublished stories that just reek of 1950s pulp paperbacks. The only thing missing is some half-dressed babe and a dude with a gun on the cover. Instead we get… a car?

RAY BOYD is an ex-con, a former car thief and a world class shit-magnet wandering the highways and byways of America, and the car in question is a beat-up black-and-white Ford Crown Victoria that used to be a cop car.

After doing his time, Ray caught a bad case of wanderlust. A few weeks in a place, and it’s time to hit the road, Jack.

As Lee says, “Ray is the anti-Reacher. He doesn’t help people in trouble. He helps himself.”

And he seemingly can’t help but find that trouble.

In his introduction, the author even warns us that this is a test run for a possible series. After all, Lawrence Block liked them.

You’ve been warned.


  • “Ray Boyd isn’t Stupid”(2023, Crown Vic)
  • “Occasional Risk (2023, Crown Vic)


Respectfully submitted by Kevin Burton Smith.

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