Great Cameos

Hey, Isn't That...? Stuart Kaminsky's 40s Hollywood eye Toby Peters runs into Raymond Chandler himself sitting around a fleabag lobby, soaking up atmosphere, in Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (1977). And Toby also gets gambling tips and a hangover cure from Ian Fleming in the same book. In Buried Caesars (1989), Toby teams up with ex-Pinkerton … Continue reading Great Cameos

My Scrapbook: James Garner on the Cover of TV Guide

James Garner as Jim Rockford TV Guide (June 2, 1979) One of the most popular actors in film and television for a couple of decades, James Garner naturally graced the cover of TV Guide numerous times--he was, after all, James Garner. He appeared as the star of Maverick and The Rockford Files, of course, but he … Continue reading My Scrapbook: James Garner on the Cover of TV Guide

The 2021 Shamus Awards

From the Private Eye Writers of America The finalists for the 2021 Shamus Awards, for works published in 2020. The winners head each category, and are in brown. The lists below are in alphabetical order by author. BEST PI HARDCOVER Blind Vigil by Matt Coyle (Rick Cahill) What You Don’t See by Tracy Clark (Cass Raines) Do No Harm by … Continue reading The 2021 Shamus Awards

Bounty Hunters

"Not your average nine-to-five job" "To be certain, bounty hunting isn't your average nine-to-five job. But then, I'm not your average guy. I've had guns pointed in my face so many times I've lost count. I've survived having the trigger pulled more than once or twice. I have been stabbed, scratched, beaten up, and hit … Continue reading Bounty Hunters

Vancouver & Beautiful British Columbia

Private Eyes of the West Coast Arthur Beauchamp by William Deverall (Garibaldi Island) Gene Castle by Jim Christy (1930's-era Vancouver) Donegal Dawn by Guy Morton (Vancouver) Michael Drayton by Sam Wiebe (Vancouver) Helen Keremos by Eve Zaremba (Vancouver) John Collins by Zale R. Dalens (Vancouver) Jack Elton by Robert Scott Leo Falloon by Brent Butt … Continue reading Vancouver & Beautiful British Columbia

My Scrapbook: That Double Vision Got the Best of Me

My Scrapbook "I'll Have a Double"   A long while back, Jeff Pierce, that rompin' stompin' international Man of Mystery and the head honcho over at The Rap Sheet, peeled the lid back on one of many nasty little truths of the publishing industry that nobody likes to admit: their covers often suck. Startling news, I … Continue reading My Scrapbook: That Double Vision Got the Best of Me

The Casting Ouch!

Unlikely Private Eyes (No, Really...) What the hell were they thinking? Sometimes you just have to scratch your head. Some people should just NOT play private eyes. Some of them shouldn't even act at all. And yet, all these people, more famous for other things or other roles, have been cast as private eyes. Some of … Continue reading The Casting Ouch!

“Just One of Those Things”

A Mary Kelly Story by D.L. Browne Fall 2001 The Chinese have a saying: "Dangerous enemies will meet again in narrow streets." The way I remember it, business was slow that November. Carl von Ossietzky won the Nobel Peace Prize and everyone was learning to Rumba. We were between World Wars and the Pinkertons over … Continue reading “Just One of Those Things”

My Scrapbook: The Robe Abides…

and the Dude's Doing Okay, Too From Entertainment Weekly (April 2021) What more can I say? This tearsheet from the April 2021 issue of Entertainment Weekly, written by Sydney Bucksbaum, pretty much summarizes everything you need to know about Jeff Lebowski's bathrobe in The Big Lebowski, one of the most iconic wardrobes in the Shamus … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Robe Abides…

“Apologia Pro Vita Sua”

By Rex Stout The following poem, written by Rex Stout, appeared in the August 21, 1935 issue of The New York Times, in conjunction with the then-recent publication of his second Nero Wolfe mystery. At the time, Stout was still relatively unknown, and must have been feeling a little sensitive about being pegged as a mere … Continue reading “Apologia Pro Vita Sua”