True Detectives

Famous--or Infamous--Real-Life Eyes   Strange but true! The private eye existed in fiction before he (or she) ever existed in real life! Still, these are a few of the real-life eyes you may have heard of. They weren't all saints, mind you, and more than a few of them may have padded their CVs... François … Continue reading True Detectives

The Mitch Tobin Series by Tucker Coe (Donald Westlake)

An Overview by Bryan Schingle I am not a huge fan of the books of Donald E. Westlake. But I love the books written by his pseudonyms. I was already an avid fan of the extremely bleak, hard-boiled Parker books that Westlake wrote under the pen name of Richard Stark, featuring a hardened professional criminal. The characters, … Continue reading The Mitch Tobin Series by Tucker Coe (Donald Westlake)

Pynchon’s Private Eye Novel: “Inherent Vice”

Review by Scott Adlerberg Thomas Pynchon's fictional world teems with mysteries and quests. His first novel, V, from 1963, revolves around a man's search for an enigmatic woman or spirit named V who has appeared on different continents at critical moments in 20th Century history. In The Crying of Lot 49 (1966), California housewife Oedipa … Continue reading Pynchon’s Private Eye Novel: “Inherent Vice”

The Lesbian Private Eye

Essay by Megan Casey Megan Casey, who maintains The Goodreads Lesbian Mysteries Site and her own Art of the Lesbian Mystery site, takes a peek at the history of the Sapphic Sleuth.   The lesbian mystery sub-genre is a relative newcomer to the literary world. Angel Dance, a 1977 novel by M.F. Beal, a friend of … Continue reading The Lesbian Private Eye

Thrilling Detective Non-Fiction (Index)

Essays, Reviews and Other Stuff TRIBUTES So Long, Jimbo: James Garner 1928-2014 by Kevin Burton Smith Remembering Rockford: James Garner 1928-2014 A Tribute by Craig McDonald Raymond Chandler Was An Asshole by Stephen Blackmoore Looking for Robert B. Parker: A Fond Farewell to the Man Who Saved P.I. Fiction by Cameron Hughes Dennis Lynds, 1924-2005 The Mystery Community … Continue reading Thrilling Detective Non-Fiction (Index)

Now I know why they called it “Spenser Confidential”

They didn't want the word to get out... Mark Wahlberg would make a great Spenser. Maybe he should play him sometime. Because anyone who's ever read any of Parker's novels (or those by his successor Ace Atkins) knows that whoever the hell  Wahlberg was playing in Netflix's 2020 TV flick Spenser Confidential, it wasn't Spenser. Or … Continue reading Now I know why they called it “Spenser Confidential”

Urich for Hire

The Private Eye Shows of Robert Urich First of all, let me set the record straight: I don't hate Robert Urich. I am not "spitting on his grave," "disrespecting the man" or being a "jerk wad." But over the years, my general disappointment with the Spenser for Hire TV series--and the casting of actor Robert Urich … Continue reading Urich for Hire

Welcome to Texas, y’all.

Address to Attendees at the 2019 PWA Shamus Awards Banquet By Michael Bracken Dallas, Texas Nov. 1, 2019 Welcome to Texas, y’all. More than just part of fly-over America, the Lone Star State is home to an incredible diversity of ethnicities, religious affiliations, political persuasions, sexual orientations, and sociological stratification. Located within the confines of … Continue reading Welcome to Texas, y’all.

Talkin’ with Jim French & Phil Harper

Stewart Wright Interviews the Men Behind The Adventures of Harry Nile (June 1998) Decades after the Golden Age of Radio, the radio detective still lived on in The Adventures of Harry Nile, the longest running private detective audio series in the history of American broadcasting, running from 1976 to 2019, an incredible 35-year run. It … Continue reading Talkin’ with Jim French & Phil Harper

All Hail The New Pulp!

A Tribute To Blue Murder Yeah, the New Pulp. You're soaking in it. In fact, you're holding it in your hands right now. And you're in it for a treat. The first Great Pulp Era lasted from about the early 1900's until about the mid-fifties. The pulps were cheaply-produced magazines of mostly short fiction, with … Continue reading All Hail The New Pulp!