David Carroll

Created by Octavus Roy Cohen (1891-1959) If Octavus Roy Cohen is remembered at all these days, it's for his two early detectives: fat, folksy white private eye Jim Hanvey and buffoonish black sometime-detective Florian Slappy, and the latter's unflattering and unfortunate caricatures of African-Americans. Granted, those were different times, and there doesn't seem to be … Continue reading David Carroll

Nick Ransom

Created by Robert Leslie Bellem Pseudonyms include Ellery Watson Calder, Harley L. Court, Walt Bruce, John Grange, Nelson Kent, Kenneth A. Nelson, Jerome Severs Perry & Harcourt Weems (1902-1968) What kind of P.I. gets knocked unconscious by a man with no legs and only one arm? Hollywood stuntman turned private eye NICK RANSOM, that's who! … Continue reading Nick Ransom