Walter James

Created by Wade Miller Pseudonym of Bob Wade (1920-2012) and Bill Miller (1920-1961) Other pseudonyms include Whit Masterson, Dale Wilmer and Will Daemer Deadly Weapon was Wade Miller's first book. You can tell. Published in 1946 when the authors, Bill Miller and Bob Wade, were just twenty-six (they were born a month apart), it introduces Atlanta … Continue reading Walter James

Moriah Dru

Created by Gerrie Ferris Finger MORIAH DRU, she of the "fair skin and shining blue eyes," quit the Atlanta Police Department to start up Child Trace, Inc. There she specializes in bringing home children who've disappeared from foster or custodial homes, usually on behalf of one of Georgia's public safety agencies, and often finds herself caught … Continue reading Moriah Dru

Jim Hardman & Hump Evans

Created by Ralph Dennis (1931--88) "...the most beloved obscure private eye writer who ever lived..." -- Ed Gorman JIM HARDMAN's not such a hard man, after all. At least not physically. He's actually a little overweight and out of shape, smoking too many Pall Malls and definitely drinking a little too much. Still, he's tough … Continue reading Jim Hardman & Hump Evans

Ace Chaney

Created by Christian Garrison Imagine the Continental Op as a good ol' boy. ACE CHANEY is "Dixie's #1 sleuth," according to the blurb; a former Atlanta cop who goes to work for one of the smaller branches of the Pinkerton-like Paragon Detective Agency. Lending a hand in both novels is black police detective Jake Spicer. … Continue reading Ace Chaney