“Peanuts” Brann

Created by Benton Braden WILLIE "PEANUTS" BRANN was the "goober eating gumshoe" who appeared in twenty or so stories in the pulp magazine Thrilling Detective (no relation) in the forties. The peanut munching dick (he claimed they helped him think) and his "right hand man and pal" Maxey Gates were the top ops for the Cole Agency, and … Continue reading “Peanuts” Brann

Johnny “Eight-ball” Pike

Created by Benton Braden JOHNNY PIKE only appeared in four stories in the Clues pulp in 1939, and I wasn't quite sure if he was a private eye, a reporter or somewhere in between. In the only story I've managed to hunt down, "The Black Widow Murders," Johnny (and his red-haired girlfriend Penny McGee) are asked … Continue reading Johnny “Eight-ball” Pike