Peter Gunn

Created by Blake Edwards Pseudonyms include Sam O. Brown (1922-2010) Suave, sophisticated, hep to the jive, groovin' to the oh-so-cool jazzbo-beat, PETER GUNN was like nothing ever seen before on television or anywhere else, really. He was a new kind of eye. While other dicks hung out in rundown offices, swilling rotgut, living hand to … Continue reading Peter Gunn

Joe Adams (Mr. Lucky)

Developed for television by Blake Edwards (1922-2010), Gordon Oliver and Jack Arnold No, Mr. Lucky wasn't a private eye show, though it bore more than a passing resemblance to Peter Gunn, right down to the same creative team, a snappy Henry Mancini theme and a good-looking, suave kinda guy in the lead. And whether he liked … Continue reading Joe Adams (Mr. Lucky)