Michael Finnegan & Katalin Fiero (St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking)

Created by Dana Haynes Former New York City cop and U.S. Marshall MICHAEL PATRICK FINNIGAN, tired of being told what to do, and former Spanish soldier and sometime assassin, KATALIN FIERO, who never had much use for rules anyway,  team up to form St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking, an off-the-books bounty hunting operation, in a promising … Continue reading Michael Finnegan & Katalin Fiero (St. Nicholas Salvage & Wrecking)

Caleb York

Created by Max Allan Collins & Mickey Spillane Max Allan Collins picks up the reins on a story idea by his old pal Mickey, and lets fly on a rootin,' tootin' honest-to-God western series revolving around former Wells Fargo detective CALEB YORK, who wanders the South West, a gun-for-hire tracking down assorted desperadoes and dispatching … Continue reading Caleb York

Stephanie Plum

Created by Janet Evanovich "That shooting gave me an appetite, somebody pass me the potatoes." -- Grandma Mazur in One for the Money Working-class Jersey girl and former lingerie buyer STEPHANIE PLUM is a bond bailsma-er-bailsperson, working out of the blue collar "burg" in Trenton, New Jersey, where "houses and minds are proud to be … Continue reading Stephanie Plum

Jinx Alameda

Created by Brian Michael Bendis When I first came across JINX ALAMEDA sometime in the mid-nineties, I thought: Oh! Thankl God! Still going through withdrawal  from the apparent recent disappearance of Max Allan Collins' Ms. Tree, it felt like a last-minute rescue. Here was a character-driven crime comic that looked and felt like classic noir, with … Continue reading Jinx Alameda