Jorja Knight

Created by Alice Bienia Can you sing the young woman blues? Putting a knife attack by a crazy coworker at Global Analytix and her job as a lab rat in their Forensics department in her rearview, Calgary's JORJA KNIGHT has come up with a brand new plan. She's rebooting her life, beginning with hanging out … Continue reading Jorja Knight

Leo Desroches

Created by Wayne Arthurson "People always assume that newspapers are keen to print the truth, but that's wrong. The first goal of a news story is to be accurate.There's a big difference between accuracy and the truth." -- Fall from Grace Reporter LEO DESROCHES, the son of Cree and French-Canadian parents, is a compulsive gambler … Continue reading Leo Desroches

Ashley Smeeton

Created by Anna Dowdall The author calls them "Gothic cozy mysteries" but there's a welcome dash of simmering noir in her well-received books about young, half-Abenaki, Montreal detective ASHLEY SMEETON. The books are full of the usual suspects: betrayed fiancées, beautiful young heiresses, long-lost relatives, isolated estates, creaky old houses and more than enough dark secrets … Continue reading Ashley Smeeton

Nat Lawson

Created by John McFetridge Oh, John, you're such a tease... If there's one thing that gets my shamus senses tingling, it's a Montreal private eye. And Toronto author (and Montreal ex-pat) McFetridge delivers just enough with the short story "Barbotte" to get me all hot and bothered. It's 1946, and NAT LAWSON is just back … Continue reading Nat Lawson

Elliot Forsman & Rivka Goldstein

Created by Gary Raymond Coffin When we first meet him in Ogrodnik (2016), the first in the series, long-time Montreal criminology professor (he teaches a course in "Logical Deduction" at the university) and part-time private eye ELLIOT FORSMAN is at loose ends, growing older and going nowhere. He's living on plastic cheese, packaged salami of … Continue reading Elliot Forsman & Rivka Goldstein

Charity Deacon

Created by P.A. Wilson "I'm a P.I. I know that sounds cool and dangerous, but mostly it's just seedy. Every now and then I feel like just chucking it all in, but then someone asks me for my help and I get back in the groove. When I'm in the groove, I follow wandering spouses, … Continue reading Charity Deacon

Dan Sharp

Created by Jeffrey Round When we first meet him in Lake on the Mountain (2013), winner of the 2013 Lambda Literary Award for Gay Mystery, DAN SHARP is a single dad and missing persons investigator in Toronto who offers a few twists. Not only is he gay, but more amazingly, perhaps, his child is a boy! In … Continue reading Dan Sharp

Charlie Waterfield

Created by Andrew Kaufman Middle-aged and recently divorced, CHARLIE WATERFIELD is no private eye. But one cold winter night, Charlie splits a cab fare with a stranger in a purple hat, and as they chat, a cloud of purple smoke floods the vehicle, and poofs him away. When he wakes up, he discovers himself sitting … Continue reading Charlie Waterfield

Tony Bravado

Created by Dave Darrigo TONY BRAVADO was the star of his own short-lived comic book in the late eighties for a very brief time -- if you blinked, you probably missed him. Yet, from the one glimpse I've had of Tony, in the 1993 The Detectives anthology, it looks like we all missed something pretty good. … Continue reading Tony Bravado

Madame Storey

Created by Hulbert Footner (1879-1944) "Madame Storey... bids fair to become One of the most popular figures of crime fiction. She is unique. She is irresistible" Her exploits, as told in this volume, are spiced with action and startling denouements. Her methods of solving a mystery are extraordinary. To her envious confrére  they seem unreasonable, … Continue reading Madame Storey