Created by James M. Reasoner (1953--) Fort Worth private eye CODY, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure, is a sort of Texan Lew Archer with a little Spenser -- and a lot of brooding -- tossed in. He's in his early forties, well-educated, and prone to contemplation and often poetic turns of … Continue reading Cody

Lucas Hallam

Created by L.J. Washburn (1957 --) Shucks. LUCAS HALLAM is an ex-Texas Ranger and honest-to-god cowboy trying to make a living as a stuntman in the Hollywood of the 1920's. But times are tough and business practices can get a mite rough in the fledgling movie industry, so ol' Luke ends up tossing his Stetson … Continue reading Lucas Hallam

Fred J. Dodge

(1854-1938) Born in Butte County in California in 1854, FRED J. DODGE grew up in Sacramento, and became a detective for Wells Fargo, working for them for over fifty years, much of it undercover, in California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas, Kansas and Oklahoma. There's no doubt Dodge got around. While working in Tombstone, Arizona in 1879, … Continue reading Fred J. Dodge

Old Red & Big Red Amlingmeyer

Created by Steve Hockensmith “So how is it,” I hear you ask, “that a couple no-account saddle bums like you and your brother came to be so fired-up excited about detectifying like a proper English gentleman detective?” To which I say, “Who’s a no-account saddle bum?” -- Otto puts a little spit in the pan. … Continue reading Old Red & Big Red Amlingmeyer

Jim Hardie (Tales of Wells Fargo)

Created by James Brooks, Frank Gruber and Gene Reynolds JIM HARDIE was the tall, good-looking hombre who starred in (and narrated) Tales of Wells Fargo (1957-62, NBC), arguably the second-most successful hybrid of the private eye and western genres in the early days of American television. Have Gun, Will Travel also lasted an impressive six seasons, while Shotgun Slade … Continue reading Jim Hardie (Tales of Wells Fargo)

My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Cowboy Eyes of the Old West The case of the cowboy as P.I. isn't that far-fetched, actually. Scratch a steely-eyed two-fisted righter of wrongs, and the Continental Op peeks out... Heck, my earliest heroes were all cowboys. I had my plastic six guns, a red felt cowboy hat and a chip on my shoulder, and … Continue reading My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys

Shotgun Slade

Created by Frank Gruber (1904-69) The two hottest genres in the early days of television drama were the Western and the private eye drama, and within a few years, four different shows attempted to combine the two. But unlike Have Gun Will Travel, The Man from Blackhawk or Tales from Wells Fargo, TV's SHOTGUN SLADE was perhaps … Continue reading Shotgun Slade

John Quincannon & Sabina Carpenter

John Quincannon Created by Bill Pronzini  Pseudonyms include Jack Foxx, Alex Saxon, Brett Halliday, William Jeffrey, Romer Zane Grey, and Robert Hart Davis (1943 --) Sabina Carpenter Created by Marcia Muller From Bill Pronzini, creator of The Nameless Detective, comes Old West former Secret Service agent JOHN QUINCANNON and his partner, former Pinkerton operative SABINA … Continue reading John Quincannon & Sabina Carpenter

Tom Horn

(1860-1903) "I have lived about fifteen ordinary lives. I would like to have had somebody who saw my past and could picture it to the public. It would be the most God damn interesting reading in the country." --Tom Horn Yep, that TOM HORN. The notorious Western gunman. The scout. The Indian fighter. The bounty … Continue reading Tom Horn

Charlie Siringo

(1855 – 1928) A lot of folks have tried to trace the "private eye," as we understand the term, to the American cowboy myth. While I think it actually goes back further than that, you could certainly make a case if you consider American lawman, detective and bounty hunter, CHARLIE SIRINGO. He's a fascinating character, a real-life … Continue reading Charlie Siringo