Down in Mexico

Mexican Eyes Tom Blane by Louis Trimble (Mexico City) El Borbah by Charles Burns Al Colby by David Dodge (Mexico City) Nick Grande by Bob Chinn (a "wide open city") Mike Land by Fred Dryer & Victor A. Schiro and Peter Gethers & David Handler (Cabo San Lucas) Mariano Mercado by D.L. Champion (Mexico City) … Continue reading Down in Mexico

Mariano Mercado

Created by D.L. Champion (1903-68) The only thing that bothers Mexico City private eye MARIANO MERCADO more than germs is... MURDER! Billing himself as a detectivo particular, Mercado appeared in eight novelettes in Dime Detective, between 1944 and 1948. The stories were narrated by Latham who seems to be the North American assistant of Mercado. … Continue reading Mariano Mercado