Sid Halley

Created by Dick Francis (1920-2010) “I was never particularly keen on my job before the day I got shot and nearly lost it, along with my life. But the .38 slug of lead that made a pepper shaker out of my intestines left me with fire in my belly in more ways than one.” -- … Continue reading Sid Halley


Created by Lou Berney “Her eyes were a strange metallic green, like the sky in Oklahoma when suddenly the wind died and you knew a tornado was near.” So far, Lou Berney's Vegas P.I. WYATT has -- unfortunately -- made only one appearance, in The Long and Faraway Gone (2015). But it's a good one, winning … Continue reading Wyatt

Harry Bosch

Created by Michael Connelly "Everybody counts, or nobody counts" -- Harry's mantra "No, not Harry Bosch," he said quietly... "It's always just what he wants. He's always been a private investigator, even when he carried a badge."  -- an FBI agent (Lost Light) EDITOR'S NOTE: After eight novels with a badge, Michael Connelly's Harry Bosch finally became … Continue reading Harry Bosch

Murray Kirk

Created by Stanley Ellin Rich, classy man-about-town MURRAY KIRK is a former hotshot young lawyer who takes over as the head of New York's very respectable Conmy and Kirk Detective Agency in Stanley Ellin's Edgar-winning standalone The Eighth Circle (1958). There's no low rent office with a bottle in the drawer for this baby. Nope. Murray's … Continue reading Murray Kirk

Ed & Am Hunter

Created by Fredric Brown (1906-72) Chicago's own ED and AM HUNTER are one of the best, and most endearing and beloved private eye teams in the genre, and Frederic Brown was one of the most imaginative writers to ever grace the genre, so what's not to like? Young, brash, ambitious, idealistic Ed Hunter and his … Continue reading Ed & Am Hunter

Toussaint Moore

Created by Ed Lacy Pseudonym of Leonard S. Zinberg (1911-1968) "If he had a cellophane head I couldn't have seen his little bird brain working any cleaner." Generally considered the first truly credible Black eye, TOUSSAINT MARCUS MOORE (now there's a name with more than a few Black nationalist overtones) made his debut in the … Continue reading Toussaint Moore