Andy Roark

Created by Peter Colt Not to get all Springsteeny or anything, but when ANDY ROARK came marching home from Vietnam, it wasn't the greatest of homecomings. And ten years or so burning down that road, he's still trying to find his way in the world. He's back home in Boston, circa 1982, working as a … Continue reading Andy Roark

Matt Murdock

Created by Robert J. Ray (1935--) Happiness is a warm gun for MATT MURDOCK, a pistol-packin' P.I. from Orange County. The blurbs may mention Philip Marlowe and Travis McGee, but there's more than a little Mike Hammer and Mack Bolan tossed in here, too. Matt was an army brat who grew up all over the … Continue reading Matt Murdock

Clayton Yankee Taggart

Created by Robert J. Ray CLAYTON YANKEE TAGGART is a Vietnam vet turned Texas private eye, big and tough as all git out. As one character spouts out, "Man don't run across many like that. No sir.'' Which may be the problem. The author tries to tamp down Clayton's character a little, adding a few Spenserian … Continue reading Clayton Yankee Taggart

Bobby Cain & Harper McCoy

Created by D.P. Lyle Okay, so BOBBY CAIN and HARPER McCOY aren't your usual male/female duo of crimefighters -- they're brother and sister. More or less. "Adopted" and raised as siblings by a itinerant group of hustlers, scam artists, tramps and thieves that was at various times called "a family, a clan or a gypsy … Continue reading Bobby Cain & Harper McCoy

Hank Brackett & Johnny Reach (Bearcats!)

Created by Douglas Heyes "Ridin' in a Stutz Bearcat, Jim/Man, those were different times..." --Sweet Jane by Lou Reed HANK BRACKETT and JOHNNY REACH were two freelance adventurers (Uh, mercenaries? Troubleshooters? Private eyes?) roaming around the American Southwest circa 1914 in their snazzy Stutz Bearcat in this fondly-remembered (by me, anyway) but short-lived (okay, I … Continue reading Hank Brackett & Johnny Reach (Bearcats!)

Van Shaw

Created by Glen Erik Hamilton Cold, relentless and tougher than dirt, Army Ranger and reportedly former thief VAN SHAW hits the sweet spot somewhere between Stark's Parker and Child's Jack Reacher, albeit with a veneer of vulnerability (and sentimentality) unimaginable in the other two men, thanks to the shitload of PTSD he lugged back from … Continue reading Van Shaw

Thomas Ironcutter

Created by David Archord Okay, the monicker's a little overly earnest (was Dash Riprock already taken?), but apparently THOMAS IRONCUTTER is a bonafide P.I. This Nashville Cat's a big guy, 6'3" and over two hundred pounds; ex-Army and ex-cop turned private eye. He enjoys a good drink and a Cuban cigar now and then, and the company … Continue reading Thomas Ironcutter

Bulldog Drummond

Created by Sapper Pseudonym of H. C. McNeile (1888-1937) "Demobilised Officer finding peace incredibly tedious would welcome diversion. Legitimate if possible; but crime of a humorous description, no objection. Excitement essential." CAPTAIN HUGH "BULLDOG" DRUMMOND, DSO, MC, Britian's immensely popular two-fisted adventurer was, in many ways, the response to the American hard-boiled school. He made … Continue reading Bulldog Drummond