Created by A.E. Maxwell (Ann and Evan Maxwell) Another one-named P.I. who managed quite a following for a while is FIDDLER, whose stomping ground is the sunny climes of southern California. It's there that he's set himself up as a somewhat low-key, yet quite lethal troubleshooter and sometime-investigator. He's a big lug, 6'2", with a … Continue reading Fiddler

Van Shaw

Created by Glen Erik Hamilton Cold, relentless and tougher than dirt, Army Ranger and reportedly former thief VAN SHAW hits the sweet spot somewhere between Stark's Parker and Child's Jack Reacher, albeit with a veneer of vulnerability (and sentimentality) unimaginable in the other two men, thanks to the shitload of PTSD he lugged back from … Continue reading Van Shaw

Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat (T.H.E. Cat)

Created by Harry Julian Fink A former aerialist and trapeze artist for the circus, and "reformed" cat burglar, THOMAS HEWITT EDWARD CAT (T.H.E. Cat, get it?) found employment as a freelance bodyguard and investigator in San Francisco on the 1966 NBC TV show. He worked out of an "office" at the Casa del Gato nightclub, … Continue reading Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat (T.H.E. Cat)