Perveen Mistry

Created by Sujata Massey PERVEEN MASSEY, the daughter of a respected Zoroastrian family in Bombay has just received a top notch legal education from Oxford, and before you can say "Perry Mason," she's joined Mistry Law, her father's law firm, becoming Bombay's first (and so far only) only female lawyer. But it's her hands-on approach … Continue reading Perveen Mistry

Maddie Hughes/Maddie Frost

Created by Bruce Holland Rogers Pseudonyms include Hanovi Braddock (1958--) MADDIE HUGHES has appeared only in two short stories to date, but changed her name in between. In the first, "Hollywood Considered As a Seal Point in the Sun" (1994), Maddie, originally from the Midwest, is living in Los Angeles, where she'd moved to become … Continue reading Maddie Hughes/Maddie Frost