My Scrapbook: The Dan Fortune Game

An Expansion for Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine Game Ellery Queen, as the joint pseudonym of Frederic Dannay and Manfred Bennington Lee, is cool. The magazine? The countless collections? These guys are top notch, legendary--an undeniably major influence on not just the Shamus Game, but the whole mystery genre. But Ellery Queen, their erudite, educated amateur sleuth, … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Dan Fortune Game

Oh, The Games People Played Then

Some Classic Private Eye & Detective Board Games Every night and everyday, now... Of course, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, so here's a short list of diversions from the past (and present) for those of you who like to play. A roll of the dice, a spin of the spinner, … Continue reading Oh, The Games People Played Then

The Thrilling Detective Gift Guide

Games, Toys, Collectibles and Other Odds & Sods HARDCOVERS | PAPERBACKS | DIGITAL | AUDIO | COLLECTIONS & ANTHOLOGIES NON-FICTION, REFERENCE & TRUE CRIME | COMICS & GRAPHIC NOVELS | TV & FILM THE THRILLING DETECTIVE GIFT SHOP     I used to do a Holiday Gift Guide every year for Mystery Scene, and it was … Continue reading The Thrilling Detective Gift Guide

Oh, The Videogames People Played Then (Part Une)

Some Early P.I. Videogames (1988-2002) Imagine a world without broadband or cell phones. Where fax machines were cutting edge, and nobody had heard of Apple or Microsoft or broadband or even the internet. Floppies were king. We're talking seriously old school here. Most of the platforms these were played on are long, long gone, but … Continue reading Oh, The Videogames People Played Then (Part Une)

Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Pilots That Didn't Fly & Spin-offs That Didn't Spin Television has always been a battlefield when it comes to getting a show actually on the air, and the P.I. genre has had it as rough as any other genre, although the nineties were particularly brutal. Some of these aired and nobody bit, and some of … Continue reading Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Gimcracks, Geegaws & Other Dinguses

Private Eye Collectibles Just in case you need something to hang on your wall, plop on your desk or otherwise catch dust, one of these sundry treasures may be just the rara-avis you're looking for. (By the way, if the buy links don't work, well, that's probably why they're called "collectibles.") The Maltese Falcon Statuette … Continue reading Gimcracks, Geegaws & Other Dinguses