Shane Cleary

Created by Gabriel Valjan He used to box. He used to be a soldier. He used to be a cop. He used to be a lot of things. But when we meet private investigator SHANE CLEARY in his promising debut, the appropriately titled Dirty Old Town (2020), he’s not exactly setting the world on fire. … Continue reading Shane Cleary

Tootsie Carter

Created by M. Ravenal The Arrangement (2021) marks the debut of  hard-boiled African-American private eye TOOTSIE CARTER, who takes on 1975 New York City armed only with "a snub-nosed Colt .38, unmatchable wit, and a pocketful of Tootsie Rolls." It's the first book in the proposed Plainclothes Tootsie Mystery series, which is planned for 26 … Continue reading Tootsie Carter


Created by Stephen Mertz Other pseudonyms include Stephen Brett, Jim Case, and house pseudonyms Jack Buchanan, Cliff Garnett, Don Pendleton and Dick Stivers (1947--) "I like Denver well enough, all things considered." -- Kilroy. Not susceptible to Rocky Mountain Highs (Cold in the Ground) "KILROY IS HERE!" is the obvious tagline for this equally obvious but solidly entertaining throwback of … Continue reading Kilroy

Jackie Fuentes (Killer Groove)

Created by Ollie Masters and Eoin Marron It's the early Seventies, and the Swingin' Sixties are definitely over, but that doesn't mean musicians aren't still pouring into Los Angeles, desperate to stoke the star-making machinery of the popular song, in the 2019 five-part comic mini-series Killer Groove. Struggling singer-songwriter Jonny is one of them. He's a … Continue reading Jackie Fuentes (Killer Groove)

Delpha Wade & Tom Phelan

Created by Lisa Sandlin "Still got nine fingers left. Aim to keep them" -- Tom, when asked why he quit working on oil rigs and became a P.I. Let's get this straight. TOM PHELAN is the private eye, and MISS DELPHA WADE is his secretary, but she gets top billing on the cover? What's going on … Continue reading Delpha Wade & Tom Phelan