The Lonely Shroud (1964)

An excerpt from the 1964 novel by Scott Mitchell Featuring Brock Devlin     You grow older, quieter, and there are obligations. Kay has just finished her second novel. She never talks of marriage. After all, what's in marriage with me for a girl like her? I know just one trade, and it would be no … Continue reading The Lonely Shroud (1964)

Griff Dexter

Created by Elliot Kennedy Pseudonym of Lionel Robert Holcombe Godfrey Other pseudonyms include Scott Mitchell (1932-80) At first glance, GRIFF DEXTER is quite similar to the author's other Los Angeles private dick, Brock Devlin. But he's a little rougher around the edges, and a bit more cynical, from what I can gather. He's a former cop, booted … Continue reading Griff Dexter