Four Eyes

Twin Private Detectives Down these mean streets a split embryo must go... Terry and Kerry McAfee by Jennfer Colt Jerry (and Danny) Nelson by Howard Schoenfeld Tony and Shep Thomas by Robert Carrington, Robert Specht and Everett Chambers Respectfully compiled by Kevin Burton Smith.

The Hard-Boiled Dick

A Personal Checklist by James Sandoe Originally compiled in 1952 for his friend Arthur Lovell, a Chicago bookseller, and intended to be distributed exclusively as a gift to some of Lovell's close friends and a few select customers, JAMES SANDOE's suggested reading list of hard-boiled private eye novels that he personally deemed worthy has been reprinted (and … Continue reading The Hard-Boiled Dick

Father’s Day

Private Eyes and Their Dads "Well, Wilmer, I'm sorry indeed to lose you. But I want you to know I couldn't be fonder of you if you were my own son. But, well, if you lose a son, it's possible to get another. There's only one Maltese Falcon." Okay, it's just possible Kaspar Gutman wasn't … Continue reading Father’s Day

Great Cameos

Hey, Isn't That...? Stuart Kaminsky's 40s Hollywood eye Toby Peters runs into Raymond Chandler himself sitting around a fleabag lobby, soaking up atmosphere, in Murder on the Yellow Brick Road (1977). And Toby also gets gambling tips and a hangover cure from Ian Fleming in the same book. In Buried Caesars (1989), Toby teams up with ex-Pinkerton … Continue reading Great Cameos

Bounty Hunters

"Not your average nine-to-five job" "To be certain, bounty hunting isn't your average nine-to-five job. But then, I'm not your average guy. I've had guns pointed in my face so many times I've lost count. I've survived having the trigger pulled more than once or twice. I have been stabbed, scratched, beaten up, and hit … Continue reading Bounty Hunters

Vancouver & Beautiful British Columbia

Private Eyes of the West Coast Arthur Beauchamp by William Deverall (Garibaldi Island) Gene Castle by Jim Christy (1930's-era Vancouver) Donegal Dawn by Guy Morton (Vancouver) Michael Drayton by Sam Wiebe (Vancouver) Helen Keremos by Eve Zaremba (Vancouver) John Collins by Zale R. Dalens (Vancouver) Jack Elton by Robert Scott Leo Falloon by Brent Butt … Continue reading Vancouver & Beautiful British Columbia

Mystery Links: Collecting, Games & Other Diversions

Web Games, Mystery Parties, Stamps, Books, etc. GAMES ON THE WEB Detective riddles app With its mysterious atmosphere of criminal secrets, this android based game app is for those who want to dive into an exciting detective world! This game offers 120 unique riddles and 6 locations. More than 9 hours of gameplay. Mystery Game … Continue reading Mystery Links: Collecting, Games & Other Diversions

On the Con

Scam Artists: A Suggested Reading List Perhaps it's my own particular aversion to the "amateur" sleuth thing, but my appreciation for private eyes and other "professionals" may just have to do with competence. I mean, in the right mood, I can take unlikely amateurs rising to the occasion and grabbing the gold, saving the girl … Continue reading On the Con

Viva Las Vegas!

Sin City Sleuths "Honest to God, this whole place could benefit from a good, long liquid nitrogen bath." -- P.I. Brenna Spector on Las Vegas King Bennett by Dean Davis Dicky Barrett (Vegas Dick) by Rich Wilkes Zoe Busiek (Wild Card) by Lynn Latham & Bernard Lechowick Big Ed Deline & Danny McCoy (Las Vegas) … Continue reading Viva Las Vegas!

“Oh mama I got dem cosmic anthropomorphic P.I. blues again…”

Going to the dogs, the cats and worse Yeah, Chandler said "Down these mean streets a man must go." He never mentioned cats. Or hippos. Or horses. Or giraffes...The creators of the following eyes apparently didn't get the memo. But to tell the truth, the craze for anthropomorphic detectives is starting to smell a little … Continue reading “Oh mama I got dem cosmic anthropomorphic P.I. blues again…”