Utah Eyes, and All That Jazz

This list could almost as easily be called Mormon eyes, I guess. There just aren't that many Utah eyes who aren't Mormons, or at least lapsed Mormons. So far, the only one I've stumbled across is Herringbone Tweede, who's about as WASPy as you can get. Jason Coulter by J.R. Levitt (Alta) Moroni Traveler, Jr. … Continue reading Utah Eyes, and All That Jazz

Mormon Eyes

This list could almost as easily be called Utah Eyes, I guess. Because a) there just aren't that many Utah gumshoes who aren't Mormons, or at least lapsed Mormons. b) there aren't that many Mormon eyes who aren't from Utah Although, judging from the high quality of the following eyes, I'm not complaining. Jason Coulter … Continue reading Mormon Eyes

Zut! Les Flics Privés

French Eyes Georges Asculape by Alexandre Valetti Francis Bayard by Jean des Marcenelles Jerome K. Jerome Bloche by Pierre Makyo, Serge Le Tendre & Alain Dodier (Paris) Nestor Burma by Leo Malet (Paris) B.F. Cage by Peter Israel Philippe Clerc by Patrick Raynal Félix by Maurice Tillieux Robert Flécheux by Alain Demouzon René Griffon by … Continue reading Zut! Les Flics Privés

Scotland the Brave

Scottish Ayes Oz Blackstone by Matthew Reid, pseudonym of Quintin Jardine (Glasgow) Jack Bone by Iain Blair (Glasgow) Bogie (Francis F. Clunie) by Alan Grant and John Wagner (Glasgow) Sam Bryson by Russell McLean (Dundee) Lennox by Craig Russell (Glasgow) Nicky Mahoun by Clark Smith (Glasgow) J. McNee by Russell McLean (Dundee) Daniel Pike by … Continue reading Scotland the Brave

Hello, I Must Be Going…

Great Moments of Unconsciousness "If it weren't for concussions I wouldn't get any sleep at all." -- Amos Walker in The Left-Handed Dollar. According to our resident medical expert, Dr. Lawrence R. (Dick) Tartow, M.D, "The most glaring, and still universal medical mistake in P.I. novels is the speed with which people recover from being … Continue reading Hello, I Must Be Going…

Are You Trying to Be Funny?

The Funniest Eyes No, really. Call it "Humour in a Severed Jugular Vein," if you must, but people have been poking fun at the P.I. genre -- and the whole mystery genre, for that matter -- almost as soon as it appeared. But there were a few brave souls over the years who dared to … Continue reading Are You Trying to Be Funny?

The Five Most Realistic PIs In Fiction

According to Elizabeth Breck In October 2021, Elizabeth Breck, licensed private investigator and the author of the Madison Kelly private eye series,  wrote a short piece for CrimeReads  on the five fictional sleuths (and one special mention) who she thought did the job right. The choices surprised me at first, but she makes a solid case for … Continue reading The Five Most Realistic PIs In Fiction

Private Eyes and Their Hobbies

Now don't tell me there's nothing to do... Ever since Holmes picked up that violin, creators have attempted to saddle their detectives with hobbies, in an attempt to humanize them. Here are a few of the more famous pastimes attributed to various eyes: Philip Marlowe by Raymond Chandler Works on chess problems. Moses Wine by … Continue reading Private Eyes and Their Hobbies

Rocky Mountain Eyes

Sleuths, Bounty Hunters and Other Cowboys from Colorado, Montana, Wyoming & Idaho Nick Caine by Donald Zochert Ruby Dark by Bruce W. Most C.J. Floyd by Robert Greer Devlin Kirk by Rex Burns (Denver, Colorado) Johnny Lane by Dave Zeltserman (Denver, Colorado) Jacob Lomax by Michael Allegretto (Denver, Colorado) Milo Milodragovitch by James Crumley (Meriweather, Montana) … Continue reading Rocky Mountain Eyes

One-Short Wonders

The Private Eye, Briefly A Short Suspects List, Compiled by Martin Ross As a grade school wiseass and punching bag (related syndromes), I discovered the thrill of the mystery genre via the Ellery Queen story “Trojan Horse” from The New Adventures of Ellery Queen, which looked in 1968 like it hadn’t been touched since they’d … Continue reading One-Short Wonders