John Rogue (Rogue’s Gallery/Film)

Created by Steve Fisher & A.C. Lyles CONFIDENTIAL HUMAN RELATIONS -- sign on Rogue's office door Roger Smith starred in Rogue's Gallery, a 1968 snoozer of a flick, as JOHN ROGUE, a struggling Los Angeles private eye who's hired by a therapist to keep an eye on a suicidal patient, Valerie York, who just happens … Continue reading John Rogue (Rogue’s Gallery/Film)

Larry Miller

Created by Edward J. Lakso and Stanley Roberts "He's been beaten up, almost run over by a car, accused of an inter-racial romance, and beaten up again... all for a client he doesn't even have." -- from an ad in TV Guide In The Pigeon (1969), his TV-movie debut, a pre-Candy Man Sammy Davis Jr. … Continue reading Larry Miller

David Cleveland

Created by Dick Francis (1920-2010) DAVID CLEVELAND, the hero of Dick Francis' Slay Ride, a 1973 standalone, is the chief investigator for the British Jockey Club. There were a series of TV-movies, possibly Canadian-made, based on Francis's books, which used the Cleveland character as their continuing hero, substituting Cleveland for whoever actually served as the … Continue reading David Cleveland

Bud Delaney (Last Hours Before Morning)

Created by Robert Garland & George Yanok If it wasn't for the fact that there's an IMDB page for this made-for-TV movie, I might think I just imagined that I watched Last Hours Before Morning back in 1975. There are no clips from it on YouTube, no images that a Google search came up with. But I recall … Continue reading Bud Delaney (Last Hours Before Morning)

Richie Brockelman (Richie Brockelman, Private Eye)

Created by Stephen J. Cannell & Steven Bochco The detective wore tennis shoes? RICHIE BROCKELMAN can best be described as a younger, less cynical version of Jim Rockford. Played by Dennis Dugan, he comes across, in his jeans and tennis shoes, as being rather young and naive, which works to his advantage. But Richie is … Continue reading Richie Brockelman (Richie Brockelman, Private Eye)

Kate Bliss

Created by William Bowers, John Rester Zodrow Right after wrapping up her role as Emily on the popular The Bob Newhart Show, actress Suzanne Pleshette, still riding high, lit out for the territories, popped up in a string of TV pilots, all of them unsuccessful.  In the 1978 rom com Kate Bliss and The Ticker Tape Kid, … Continue reading Kate Bliss

Frank and Steve Faraday (Faraday and Co.)

Created by Ken Pettus After spending twenty-eight years in a Caribbean jail for a crime he didn't commit (the murder of his partner), allegedly hard-boiled FRANK FARADAY (played by the movies' likable 40's song-and-dance man Dan Dailey) busts out and heads back home to Los Angeles... to a family he doesn't know anymore, on the short-lived series, … Continue reading Frank and Steve Faraday (Faraday and Co.)

Harry McGraw (The Law and Harry McGraw)

Created by Peter S. Fischer HARRY McGRAW first showed up as a recurring character on Murder, She Wrote, a slightly shady working class gumshoe from Boston who earned the respect of Cabot Cove's very own mystery novelist/amateur sleuth Jessica Fletcher (Angela Lansbury) for his detective skills and his not-quite-hidden heart of gold. As played by … Continue reading Harry McGraw (The Law and Harry McGraw)

Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Pilots That Didn't Fly & Spin-offs That Didn't Spin Television has always been a battlefield when it comes to getting a show actually on the air, and the P.I. genre has had it as rough as any other genre, although the nineties were particularly brutal. Some of these aired and nobody bit, and some of … Continue reading Not Quite Ready for Prime Time

Rose Winters

Created by Andy Lewis Intended as a pilot, the 1974 TV movie Big Rose: Double Trouble, starred Shelley Winters as "BIG ROSE" WINTERS, a big, brassy Los Angeles private eye who's been around the block once or twice, and doesn't let much stand in her way, including her young partner, Ed Mills (Barry Primus). He's struggling … Continue reading Rose Winters