Amos Walker

Created by Loren D. Estleman (1952--) “When they say Detroit’s coming back, they don’t mean you’re coming with it.” -- When Old Midnight Comes Along "The world's black and white, good and bad, no matter what you hear. The people who say it isn't have already chosen black." -- Amos lays it on the line, … Continue reading Amos Walker

Louis Kincaid

Created by P. J. Parrish Joint pseudonym of Kristy and Kelly Montee At first I was wondering why on earth the PWA nominated Paint It Black, featuring P.J. Parrish's 1980's series character, LOUIS KINCAID, for a Shamus. The Louis Kincaid I knew was a transplanted Detroit cop who journeyed back home to Black Pool, Mississippi … Continue reading Louis Kincaid

August Snow

Created by Stephen Mack Jones His dad was Black and his mom was Hispanic, and there's no doubt former Marine, former police officer and current private eye AUGUST SNOW is inordinately proud of where he comes from--we know that because he constantly reminds us. Still, it's often a thin line he walks between his neighbours … Continue reading August Snow

Alex McKnight

Created by Steve Hamilton  "There is a bullet in my chest, less than a centimeter from my heart.  I don't think about it much anymore." -- opening line, A Cold Day in Paradise Paradise is a small town on Michigan's upper peninsula, hidden among the pine trees on the shores of Lake Superior. There you'll … Continue reading Alex McKnight