Joe Leland (aka “John McClane”)

 Created by Roderick Thorp (1936-99) THE DETECTIVE Certainly one of the longest private eye novels ever written was Roderick Thorp's 1966 bestselling potboiler The Detective. And that was only the beginning -- not only did it become a successful film starring Frank Sinatra, but the novel's sequel went on to inspire a multi-million dollar action film … Continue reading Joe Leland (aka “John McClane”)

Ed Noon

Created by Michael Avallone (1925-1999)   "Great life. Guns, girls and trouble. All kinds of trouble. From getting hit on the head to being kidnapped in broad daylight." -- it's a private eye's life for Ed. (The LIving Bomb) Welcome to the Nooniverse! Chameleon-like ED NOON, film-obsessed New York P. I., started out as a … Continue reading Ed Noon