Mollé Mystery Theatre

Radio Anthology Series (1943-48, NBC) The competition in the forties and fifties between various mystery radio shows was fierce... and confusing. How confusing? All three major networks had crime or detectives shows titled Mystery Theater (or Mystery Theatre). But the first and arguably the best (and the one under discussion here) was NBC's version, the only real … Continue reading Mollé Mystery Theatre

Mystery Playhouse

Radio Anthology Series (1944-46, AFRS) MYSTERY PLAYHOUSE was a radio anthology series of reruns (and possibly a few original) crime dramas. The show aired on the American Forces Network from July 1944 to June 1946, specifically for the purpose of entertaining the troops serving during the war. Because it was mostly repeats, the producers had … Continue reading Mystery Playhouse

Westrel Keen (Mr. Keen)

Created by Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933) Developed for radio by Frank and Anne Hummert Robert W. Chambers was an American author who, over a long career, cranked out over seventy novels in assorted genres, mostly historical and romantic works. But in the beginning he wrote mostly fantasy and horror. In fact, his first successful work was … Continue reading Westrel Keen (Mr. Keen)

Mr. Keen (Comics)

Created by Robert W. Chambers (1865-1933) Re-imagined by Justin Gray Okay, the big, mean-looking black dude over there to the right who calls himself MR. KEEN is definitely not your grandfather's Mr. Keen No, this "Tracer of Lost Persons"  made his debut in Moonstone's limited-run comic book series in 2003, while the original Mr. Keen was, … Continue reading Mr. Keen (Comics)

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Christmas Eyes on Old Time Radio Almost as ubitquious as private eyes on old time radio was the ubitquious and seemingly obligatory very special "Christmas" episodes, usually (but not always) a toned down, more family-friendly episode than the usual fare, that usually ended with an upbeat message, very earnest seasonal salutations to listeners and maybe, … Continue reading Do You Hear What I Hear?

Harry Nile

Created by Jim French (1928-2017) Not all radio detectives are only available in re-runs from sometimes dubious old-time radio outlets. Here's one radio detective still very much on the case. HARRY NILE, a fictional private detective in Los Angeles and Seattle during the 1940's and 50's, is the title character of a long-running and much … Continue reading Harry Nile

Barry Craig

Alternate names: Barry Crane, Barrie Craig Created by -- Barry Craig, Confidential Investigator is one of the few detective radio series that had separate versions of it broadcast from both coasts. Even the spelling changed over the years. It was first "Barry Crane" and then "Barrie Craig." NBC produced it in New York from 1951 … Continue reading Barry Craig

George Valentine (Let George Do It)

Created by-- For P.I. GEORGE VALENTINE, the main character in the old radio program Let George Do It, it certainly paid to advertise. He got his cases and clients by running an ad in the newspapers: "Personal Notice: Danger is my stock-in-trade. If the job is too tough for you to handle, you've got a … Continue reading George Valentine (Let George Do It)

Candy Matson

Created by Monty Masters CANDY MATSON was the private eye star of Candy Matson, YUKON 2-8208, an NBC West Coast radio show which first aired in March 1949 and was created by Monty Masters. He cast his wife, Natalie Parks, in the title role of this sassy, sexy former model turned private eye. Her understated … Continue reading Candy Matson

My Scrapbook: The Richard Diamond page from Radio’s Golden Years by Breese and Lynes

My Scrapbook The Richard Diamond page from Radio's Golden Years by Breese and Lynes   This is the Richard Diamond entry from Radio's Golden Years: A Visual Guide to the Shows & Stars, a 1998 self-published, limited edition labour of love by Frank Bresee and Bobb Lynes. It may not be the most thorough of reference book on … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Richard Diamond page from Radio’s Golden Years by Breese and Lynes