Nick and Nora Charles

Created by Dashiell Hammett (1894-1961) Nora: "I read where you were shot five times in the tabloids." Nick: "Not true. He didn't come anywhere near my tabloids." -- from The Thin Man (1934 film) The glitzy adventures of Dashiell Hammett's retired private eye NICK CHARLES and his rich, beautiful (and not quite as ditzy as … Continue reading Nick and Nora Charles

Eddie Ace

Created by Jason James Pseudonym of Joe Eisinger In 1947, George Raft, his glory days as a movie tough guy slipping away, starred as EDDIE ACE, a hard-boiled New York City private eye on the short-lived syndicated radio series, The Cases of Mr. Ace. Each week Eddie would drop by the office of beautiful "lady … Continue reading Eddie Ace

My Scrapbook: The Michael Shayne page from Radio’s Golden Years by Breese and Lynes

My Scrapbook The Michael Shayne page from Radio's Golden Years by Breese and Lynes This is the Michael Shayne entry from Radio's Golden Years: A Visual Guide to the Shows & Stars, a 1998 self-published, limited edition labour of love by Frank Bresee and Bobb Lynes. It may not be the most thorough of reference book on … Continue reading My Scrapbook: The Michael Shayne page from Radio’s Golden Years by Breese and Lynes

Steve Wilson (Big Town)

Created by Jerry McGill "Freedom of the press is a flaming sword. Use it justly; hold it high; guard it well." - Steve's call to arms served as the show's tag line. STEVE WILSON was the fiercely-idealistic and hard-nosed editor of The Illustrated Press who'll get his own stories, thank you, if that's what it … Continue reading Steve Wilson (Big Town)

Murder Clinic

MURDER CLINIC was a short-lived radio anthology series that each week adapted a detective story from some generally well-known mystery writer, including Edgar Wallace, Ngaio Marsh, Carter Dickson (John Dickson Carr), Agatha Christie, Margery Allingham, G. K. Chesterton, Jacques Futrelle, Stuart Palmer and others. Most of them weren't private eye stories, but a few did manage … Continue reading Murder Clinic

Murder in the Library: Radio

What? You thought I made this all up, or cut-and-pasted it all from Wikipedia? Nope. Here are the books that inspired me to create this site, and the books I've used to cobble it together over the years, as well as the ones I've discovered along the way, broken down into various categories. If you … Continue reading Murder in the Library: Radio

Perry Mason

Created by Erle Stanley Gardner (1889-1970) PERRY MASON is Raymond Burr as a Defense Attorney, right? Not a P.I., right? Well, sorta. In the first ten or so books by pulpmeister Erle Stanley Gardner, Perry comes off as a particularly hard-boiled lawyer/detective, throwing his weight around, breaking and entering, and other private eye shenanigans, not above … Continue reading Perry Mason

Brad Runyon

Created by Dashiell Hammett "He's walking into that drugstore... he's stepping onto the scales... (SNICK! CLICK!) Weight: 237 pounds... Fortune.... Danger! Whoooo is it? The...Fat Man!" -- the intro to the radio show That's BRAD RUNYON, the star of the old time radio series The Fat Man (1946-51, ABC), as played to perfection by the subterranean … Continue reading Brad Runyon

Johnny Dollar

Created by Jack Johnstone Everyone has a favorite radio series. Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar is the one that got me into OTR collecting and was the original reason I joined The Radio Historical Association of Colorado. I probably have more episodes of this show in my collection than any other single series. For over 12 … Continue reading Johnny Dollar

My Scrapbook: Another Magazine Ad for Wildroot Cream-Oil, featuring Sam Spade

My Scrapbook Another magazine ad for Wildroot Cream-Oil, featuring Sam Spade The sponsor of the super-popular The Adventures of Sam Spade radio show, Wildroot Cream-Oil, who also ran a series of single-page comic ads in magazines, newspapers and comic books, with Spade shilling the product. The ads were drawn by Golden Age cartoonist and illustrator … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Another Magazine Ad for Wildroot Cream-Oil, featuring Sam Spade