My Scrapbook: King Bennett Forever!

My Scrapbook A Tribute to Dean Davis' Legendary Detective, The Greatest Private Eye Series That Never Existed!   Back when this site and I were young, someone clued me into a web site about a writer, Dean Davis, and his greatest creation, private eye King Bennett. In over fifty books, from "Bang", Said the Gun … Continue reading My Scrapbook: King Bennett Forever!

My Scrapbook: Shhhh! Spicy Reading for Librarians

My Scrapbook Spicy Reading for Librarians I've always said librarians rock, but I really had no idea! Didn't originally know who did this, (turns out it's someone unstable genius named, appropriately enough, LisaGenius), but I love it! It's a piece of internet detritus that's been passed around (and around) forever, and I thought I'd post … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Shhhh! Spicy Reading for Librarians

My Scrapbook: Chinatown from Movies R Fun

My Scrapbook Chinatown from Movies R Fun Illustration by Josh Cooley Josh Cooley is an American animator, screenwriter, director, voice actor and storyboard artist, best known (so far) for for his work for Disney's Pixar studios. He's credited with designing the look of such films as The Incredibles (2004), Ratatouille (2007), and Up (2009), co-writing the script for … Continue reading My Scrapbook: Chinatown from Movies R Fun

Mike Dime

Created by Barry Fantoni (1940--) ''He was no taller than the Empire State and no wider than the Grand Canyon.'' -- from Mike Dime. The author evidently graduated from Chandler U. Private eye MIKE DIME makes Philadelphia of the late 1940's his turf in the eponymous Mike Dime (1980), a cleverly written, spot-on homage to … Continue reading Mike Dime

Sammy “Two Toes” Tiffin (Noir)

Created by Christopher Moore "She had the kind of legs that kept her butt from resting on her shoes--a size eight dame in a size-six dress and every mug in the joint was rooting for the two sizes to make a break for it..." Noir (2018) by satirist and professional piss-taker Christopher (Lamb, Secondhand Souls, … Continue reading Sammy “Two Toes” Tiffin (Noir)

Joe Carmody, Hector Berlioz & Victor Strang (Ethan Coen’s Eyes)

Created by Ethan Coen "The meniscus don't lie, greaseball!" -- Joe Gendreau in "Gates of Eden" In his first collection of fiction, 1998's Gates of Eden, filmmaker Ethan Coen presented us with fourteen short stories, novellas and short screenplays. With his brother Joel, the Coen Brothers have written and directed some of the most unconvential … Continue reading Joe Carmody, Hector Berlioz & Victor Strang (Ethan Coen’s Eyes)

The Bogie Man (aka “Francis F. Clunie”)

Created by John Wagner and Alan Grant "Down these mean streets, a man must go, who is not himself..." -- artist Robin Smith's dedication to The Bogie Man Collection (1998) A limited series, and British cult favorite, featuring the comic (and comic book) misadventures of one FRANCIS F. CLUNIE, aka "BOGIE," an escaped mental patient … Continue reading The Bogie Man (aka “Francis F. Clunie”)

Sam Marlow (The Man With Bogart’s Face)

Created by Andrew J. Fenady Way back in the nineteen seventies, during the mini-nostalgia boom for all things from the thirties and forties, actor Robert Sacchi parlayed his spooky resemblance to Humphrey Bogart into a nice little career in TV commercials and movie cameos. The big payoff, though, came with the 1980 release of The Man … Continue reading Sam Marlow (The Man With Bogart’s Face)

Joe Fury

Created by Paul Anthony Long Yikes! Another mash-up of trans-genre tropes! In his one and only appearance, Joe Fury and the Hard Death (2009), hard-boiled private-eye JOE FURY takes on a kitchen sink's worth of mix-and-match stereotypes and clichés from both the crime and fantasy fiction aisles, and in fact, the whole pulp spectrum. Naturally, … Continue reading Joe Fury

Sergeant Beef

Created by Leo Bruce Pseudonym of Rupert Croft-Cooke (1903-79) It's difficult to figure out exactly how seriously we were supposed to take Golden Age detective SERGEANT WILLIAM BEEF.  They both follow the formula of the era's crime fiction, and spoof it. Initially a village copper, a "big red-faced man of forty-eight or fifty, with a straggling … Continue reading Sergeant Beef