Created by Raymond Chandler (1888-1959) Raymond Chandler's very first P.I. character--in his very first story, "Blackmailers Don't Shoot," sold to Black Mask!--lasted only two stories. MALLORY, whose adventures were told in the third person, was a Chicago operative who came to Hollywood for one case, and stayed. The format (third person) and background (business in … Continue reading Mallory

Tony Reseck

Created by Raymond Chandler “At one o’clock in the morning, Carl, the night porter, turned down the last of three table lamps in the main lobby of the Windermere Hotel. The blue carpet darkened a shade or two and the walls drew back into remoteness. The chairs filled with shadowy loungers. In the corners were … Continue reading Tony Reseck

Fallen Angels

(1993-95, Showtime) FALLEN ANGELS was a crime television anthology that aired on the American network, Showtime, in the 1990's. Not all the episodes featured private eyes, or even detectives, per se, but who cares? It paired some great hard-boiled and noir short stories by some of the genre's masters (you know, hacks like Raymond Chandler, … Continue reading Fallen Angels

Pete Rousseau

Created by H.H. Stinson (1896-1969) A tough-as-nails Los Angeles private eye, PETE ROUSSEAU has a tiny coop of an office "on the top floor of a nice office building looking out over Beverly Hills," from which he can see the sun glinting off the Pacific, reflected on the window of an office building. As he … Continue reading Pete Rousseau

Edna Pender

Created by Sven Anderton (1893-1958) "By gawd, there ought to be a law against a female being that ugly." -- Sgt. Dan Polcher Sven Anderton's EDNA PENDER was a rough-and-tough female P.I. from the pulps (imagine the ill-bred bastard child of Honey West and Mike Hammer), who appeared in several tales in Famous Detective Stories … Continue reading Edna Pender

Johnny Buchanan

Written by John Brenner (possibly a pseudonym) K. T. McCall (pseudonym of Audrey Armitage and Muriel Watkins) JOHNNY BUCHANAN was a fast-talking dick for the New York-based Silver Star Insurance Company who appeared in a string of Australian pulp novellettes in the late fifties. Although he generally stuck close to home, Johnny did manage to … Continue reading Johnny Buchanan

Danny Spade

Created by "Danny Spade" (aka "Dail Ambler," a pseudonym of Betty Mabel Lilian Williams) (1919-1974) Add Britain's Betty Mabel Lilian Williams to the small list of successful pre-1980 female hard-boiled writers. But whereas Leigh Brackett was often compared to Chandler, and Delores Hitchens worked the turf generally considered that of Ross Macdonald, Williams' work (she … Continue reading Danny Spade

Beth Moore

Created by Margie Harris Who says dames can't write the tough stuff? As far as I can tell, BETH MOORE has to be one of the very first hard-boiled janes of the pulps, appearing alongside more widely known sisters such as Trixie Meehan, Violet McDade and Carrie Cashin, and certainly the first created by a woman. … Continue reading Beth Moore