Butch Fatale

Created by Christa Faust "In pulp novels, the private dick always keeps a gat in his desk drawer. I keep my iron in a gunsafe keyed to my fingerprint, but I do keep a strap-on in my desk drawer. You know, for emergencies..." -- Butch clues us in... Okay, folks: let's just assume a few … Continue reading Butch Fatale

Jake Cardigan

Created by William Shatner (1931--) When I first heard about this one, I was all set to lace into this one. I mean, Tiberius Hambone a writer? But he -- or at least Ron Goulart -- pulled it off. The first novel, TekWar (1989), which kicked off the whole franchise, was nothing earth-shattering, but decent … Continue reading Jake Cardigan