Ford Fairlane

Created by Rex Weiner "The lights glimmered down Broadway like a strand of pearls slung over a black girl’s thigh." -- the opening line of  "So many assholes, so few bullets!" -- Ford waxes philosphical Intended as a star vehicle for misogynistic, racist, foul-mouthed comic Andrew Dice Clay, the 1990 flick The Adventures of Ford … Continue reading Ford Fairlane

Cass Neary

Created by Elizabeth Hand (1957--) CASS NEARY was a great photographer. "For a fraction of a second," she ruefully confesses, in her acclaimed debut, Generation Loss (2007). But back in the day (the seventies, in her case), she was the "it" girl of photography, gleefully snapping gritty, iconic shots of New York's burgeoning punk rock scene, … Continue reading Cass Neary