Ryan DeMarco

Created by Randall Silvis Perhaps it's not surprising that Randall Silvis' series detective┬áRYAN DeMARCO has been put through the emotional wringer--his first private eye novel, An Occasional Hell, was no cakewalk for the dick either. For the first three misery-drenched books in the series, the Pennsylvania State Police Sergeant carries a world of hurt on … Continue reading Ryan DeMarco

Ernest DeWalt

Created by Randall Silvis (1950--) "Of all the ways to be wounded. I suppose it was funny." -- The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway Funny? The sun also rises on the P.I. novel, it seems. In An Occasional Hell, a very Hemingwayesque, very literate, very well-received (and Hammett Award-nominated) 1993 novel by Randall Silvis, … Continue reading Ernest DeWalt