Steve Michaels

Created by Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) Perhaps my favourite story (and the most recent) in Killer, Come Back to Me (2020), Hard Case Crime's spiffy 2020 collection of Ray Bradbury's crime and detective stories, was “Where Everything Ends.” Originally published in the 2010 omnibus collection of the author's Death Is a Lonely Business (1985), A Graveyard for … Continue reading Steve Michaels

Elmo Crumley

Created by Ray Bradbury (1920-2012) "Venice, California, in the old days had much to recommend it to people who liked to be sad." -- from Death is a Lonely Business What? Beloved sci-fi superstar author Ray Bradbury wrote a P.I. novel? Well, sorta. No stranger to the pulps, it wasn't the first time Bradbury had … Continue reading Elmo Crumley