January Cole

Created by Rob Hart JANUARY COLE is not your average house dick. That's because she's head of security at the Paradox Hotel, someplace in the not-so-distant future where uber-rich yahoos--in costume, no less--gather to be zapped back into the past. Alas, the technology--which the government's planning to privatize soon--isn't always all it could be, with … Continue reading January Cole

Ash McKenna

Created by Rob Hart Will work for booze. Or dope.... A seemingly eternally recovering addict and would-be hard-boiled hero with a rude wit and a Chandler-sized romantic streak, New York City’s ASH McKENNA bumbles and stumbles his way through a series of misadventures (and cities), in this winning five-novel series by Rob Hart. Make no mistake--Ash … Continue reading Ash McKenna