Roger & Suzanne Bowman

Created by Jerold Last A globe-trotting married couple who find trouble wherever they go? If you were expecting Frances Crane’s Pat and Jean Abbott, you’d be wrong. This is a more modern itineration. Plus dogs! Former patent attorney and police officer ROGER BOWMAN and UCLA biochemist SUZANNE FOSTER are boyfriend/girlfriend visiting Montevideo, Uruguay, when we first … Continue reading Roger & Suzanne Bowman

Al Colby

Created by David Dodge (1910-74) David Dodge's second series character, AL COLBY, is a private eye based in, of all places, Mexico City. Even more notable, perhaps, is that this tough guy's adventures also took him throughout Central and South America--pretty much uncharted teritory for hard-boiled detective fiction at the time. He is a norteamericano, … Continue reading Al Colby

Denaldo Reynoso (The Big Hoax)

Created by Carlos Trillo (1943-2011) and Roberto Mandrafina Pseudonyms include Cacho (1945--) La grande arnaque (The Big Hoax) was an award-winning 1998 Spanish-language graphic novel splattered with blood, sex, a hefty dose of magical realism, and more than a few pointed digressions into South American history and politics. Not that any of that concerns DENALDO REYNOSO, the … Continue reading Denaldo Reynoso (The Big Hoax)

Chance Molloy

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) "Patience was a garment Molloy did not wear well." --from Lady to Kill When Doc Savage creator Lester Dent turned to more realistic crime fiction in the mid-forties, he penned two highly regarded hard-boiled novels about CHANCE MOLLOY, the tough-as-nails but hot-headed, impulsive owner of a fledgling South American airline … Continue reading Chance Molloy