Johnny Havoc

Created by John Jakes Pseudonyms include Alan Payne, Jay Scotland, Rachel Ann Payne and William Ard Care for a little cheese? JOHNNY HAVOC's main claim to fame is that he's short. In fact, at 5'1", he's got to be one of the shortest eyes around. But he sure doesn't let it get him down--he's a … Continue reading Johnny Havoc

Sweating The Small Stuff

The Shortest Eyes These eyes may be small on stature, but they get the job done... Inch High, Private Eye The hero of this 1972 Hanna Barbera cartoon for kids was a towering one inch high. Suffice it to say Inch's height was played for laughs... Mongo by George Chesboro The best known short eye, … Continue reading Sweating The Small Stuff

Big John Novak

Created by Harlan Ellison Pseudonyms include Jay Charby, Landon Ellis, Sley Harson, Ellis Hart, John Magnus & Jay Solo (1934-2018) "I'm built low enough to keyholes so I don't have to bend over when I'm checking on some dumb husband." A former circus performer (when he was "younger and dumber") who became a "two-bit eye," … Continue reading Big John Novak