Ed Rivers/Lloyd Carter

Created by Talmage Powell Pseudonyms include Jack McCready & Anne Talmage (1920-2000) "The apartment was sodden with heat. I've been in Tampa a long time but I never got used to the heat." -- from "Her Dagger Before Me" Rough-and-ready ED RIVERS is a plug-ugly op for the Nationwide Detective Agency, the agent-in-charge of their … Continue reading Ed Rivers/Lloyd Carter

Sam and Tate Morgan

Created by Gil Brewer Pseudonyms include Bailey Morgan, Eric Fitzgerald, Frank Sebastian, Jack Holland, Roy Carroll, Elaine Evans and Barry Miles, as well as the house name of Ellery Queen (1922-83) From the back cover: "What I can't stand is knowing she's out right now playing around." The tall, heavy-set man stared at me, his … Continue reading Sam and Tate Morgan

Cleve Dane

Created by Lester Dent (1905-1959) "The Great Dane just went around with his eyes open and his head working. He saw things. Things other people missed. And he drew quick conclusions from what he saw. A lot of tough breaks had taught him that trick." Yikes! Borrowing a page from his Doc Savage yarns, Dent's … Continue reading Cleve Dane