Simeon Grist

Created by Timothy Hallinan (1942 --) According to the blurb, SIMEON GRIST, hip young Los Angeles private eye, "knows the City of Angels inside and out -- the sex for sale, the chic seductions, the clientele of every bar from downtown L.A. to Venice." Well, not quite. Thirtyish man-about-town Simeon does seem to get around, … Continue reading Simeon Grist

Poke Rafferty

Created by Timothy Hallinan (1942 --) POKE RAFFERTY doesn't have your typical background for a private eye. He was a travel writer, and in fact, he's still a writer, at least part-time. Plus he's also got to be about the only gumshoe of Filipino-Irish heritage that I can think of. Now he lives in Bangkok, … Continue reading Poke Rafferty

Junior Bender

Created by Timothy Hallinan Ace second story man JUNIOR BENDER has had a great run: he's been crashing LA houses since he was a fourteen year old kid and he's never been nabbed -- an incredible run that's lasted for over twenty years. But that all comes crashing to a halt in Junior's debut, the … Continue reading Junior Bender