Jasmine Frame

Created by P.R. Ellis Pseudonym of Peter/Peggy Ellis She used to be Jim Frame, a cop (a detective constable, in fact, for the Thames Valley Police), she used to be married, she used to be a man. Now she’s JASMINE FRAME, she’s single, she’s working freelance. And she’s on her way to becoming a woman. … Continue reading Jasmine Frame

Under Electric Candlelight

Transgender Eyes Okay, I know they’re out there. Merry Bell by Anthony Bidulka was the first trans eye I encountered, but she certainly wasn't the first—just the first I’d come across. And she certainly won’t be the last. But who was the first?  So far, it looks like P.R. Ellis’ Jasmine Frame might be the first. … Continue reading Under Electric Candlelight

Merry Bell

Created by Anthony Bidulka Going home is never easy. But years of gender-affirming surgery in Vancouver finds twenty-something MERRY BELL running back to Saskatoon—or at least Livingsky, Saskatchewan, a thinly disguised version of it. Or is it Regina? Or a combination of the two? It’s hard to tell—Bidulka seems to be mixing and matching Saskatchewan cities, … Continue reading Merry Bell