Nick Ryan (Hutson)

Created by Shaun Hutson London gumshoe NICK RYAN is your average loser private eye. His wife and daughter have gone off to live with some rich bloke, he smokes too much, drinks too much, entertains rather violent thoughts, has terrible taste in music and he's a very sick man. When his daughter is kidnapped by … Continue reading Nick Ryan (Hutson)

Helena Handbasket

Created by Donna Moore Tired of mysteries that seem to spin out the same old tired clichés, one after another? Bored with the same old-same old private eye schtick? Had enough of books with all the fizz of that half-empty bottle of club soda left over from last Christmas? Then might I humbly suggest going … Continue reading Helena Handbasket

Peter Ord

Created by Paul D. Brazil "Some twat, somewhere, was playing a U2 song, over and over again, and all was far from friggin' quiet on New Year's  Day." -- Peter greets the New Year with a hangover, a flat beer and little appreciation for Bono & the boys, in Gumshoe Blues Liberally laced with black … Continue reading Peter Ord

Sam Turner

Created by John Baker According to his creator, John Baker, "SAM TURNER is a world weary British PI working out of York, England. He's a loner, still looking for THE woman, though he's now way over his sell-by-date. He's got a head full of Bob Dylan and old-fashioned ideas about justice and compassion. Pet hates … Continue reading Sam Turner

Daniel Hawthorne

Created by Anthony Horowitz I’m a long-time admirer of Anthony Horowitz’ crime fiction, both in print and on television.  It’s clear from his joyfully cock-eyed spins on some of the genre’s most beloved tropes and the countless bodies he’s gleefully left in his wake over a long career, that Horowitz doesn’t just write this stuff. … Continue reading Daniel Hawthorne

Sid Halley

Created by Dick Francis (1920-2010) “I was never particularly keen on my job before the day I got shot and nearly lost it, along with my life. But the .38 slug of lead that made a pepper shaker out of my intestines left me with fire in my belly in more ways than one.” -- … Continue reading Sid Halley