Cotton Waters

Created by Robert Richter COTTON WATERS is a gringo private eye on the west coast of Mexico, known to his drinking buddies in Puerto Vallarta as "Algo." A former activist and draft dodger (the first book, Something in Vallarta, is set in 1972), with plenty of old and unresolved legal and political problems back in … Continue reading Cotton Waters

Fitzroy Maclean Angel

Created by Mike Ripley "True love may be blind, but good sex sends you cross-eyed." -- Angel on the meaning of life in That Angel Look Move over, Carlotta Carlyle and Steve Midnight, and add London, England's FITZROY MACLEAN ANGEL to the the ranks of cab-drivin' PI's. Angel is a loopy, randy, trumpet-playing thirty-something ne'er-do-well/private … Continue reading Fitzroy Maclean Angel

Eoin Miller

Created by Jay Stringer In what seems like a permanent tailspin, half-Romani, half-ass unlicensed gumshoe EOIN "GYP" MILLER has lost his job as a gangland detective, his marriage (to another cop), his self-respect and pretty much anything else that ever mattered. But fuck it, as he's wont to say. He can always scrounge up the cost … Continue reading Eoin Miller

Duncan Sloan

Created by Bob Truluck "Seems nobody knocks on my door unless they've got trouble. It's that kind of door." -- Saw Red DUNCAN SLOAN is an easy-going Orlando, Florida private eye who works when he damn well feels like it, and keeps his stash of pot in a moldy refrigerator. His first appearance, in Street … Continue reading Duncan Sloan

Russell Wren

Created by Thomas Berger (1924-2014) Thomas Berger, one of the most-respected American novelists of the last few decades, and the genre-hopping author of Reinhart in Love, Neighbours and a whole slew of popular bestsellers, including the classic anti-Western, Little Big Man (a favourite of mine), set his sights on the conventions of the P.I. genre, with mixed … Continue reading Russell Wren