A.Y. Jalisco (Chicanos)

Created by Carlos Trillo & Eduardo Risso "There is something worse than gringos... and that is rich Mexicans who look at you as if you were garbage." Chicanos follows the misadventures (it's hard to call them "cases") of ALEJANDRINA "A.Y." JALISCO, a short, stout, top-heavy (and, we're constantly told, unattractive) Mexican woman who follows her … Continue reading A.Y. Jalisco (Chicanos)

Denaldo Reynoso (The Big Hoax)

Created by Carlos Trillo (1943-2011) and Roberto Mandrafina Pseudonyms include Cacho (1945--) La grande arnaque (The Big Hoax) was an award-winning 1998 Spanish-language graphic novel splattered with blood, sex, a hefty dose of magical realism, and more than a few pointed digressions into South American history and politics. Not that any of that concerns DENALDO REYNOSO, the … Continue reading Denaldo Reynoso (The Big Hoax)