Mistress Christa’s Ten Rules to Write Noir

By Christa Faust "Seriously, are we still so terrified of pussy?” — see Rule #3 Before I start, let me make one thing clear. I love noir. I read it. I watch it. But I don't really write it. The majority of my crime fiction is more hardboiled than noir. I may not be a … Continue reading Mistress Christa’s Ten Rules to Write Noir

Top Ten Private Eye Shows

As chosen by Max Allan Collins and John Javna In their 1988 book, The Best of Crime & Detective TV, Collins and Javna served up an articulate, passionate, opinionated and often hilarious salute to crime and detective TV, including sections on cop shows, lawyer shows and more. And yes, a section on private eyes. They … Continue reading Top Ten Private Eye Shows

Francis Quarles

Created by Julian Symons(1912-1994) Sharp-dressed man about town FRANCIS QUARLES was the low-key private detective who worked the clue-ridden streets of post-WWII London, solving countless cleverly plotted fair-play short stories in the fifties and sixties, paying homage to the Golden Age of crime fiction. Most of them first appeared in The London Evening Standard, although … Continue reading Francis Quarles

Ron Hogget

Created by James Mitchell Pseudonyms include Patrick O. McGuire & James Munro (1926-2002) “I’m good at finding things. It’s what I’m for." TOMMASO RONALD HOGGET is telling it like it is. He's good at finding things. And people. He's a globe-trotting Anglo-Italian private eye based in London, and that’s his speciality. For a price he’ll … Continue reading Ron Hogget

Night Moves: An Introduction

Sam Wiebe Introduces the 1974 Classic Slated to introduce Night Moves at the Vancouver Film Center in August 2022, Canadian crime writer Sam Wiebe, the creator of private eyes  Dave Wakeland and Michael Drayton,  confessed that "It’s one of my favorite PI films and neo-noirs, and a million times better than Altman’s very good The Long Goodbye, … Continue reading Night Moves: An Introduction

Cash Blackbear

Created by Marcie R. Rendon She’s not a P.I… yet. For you Girl Detective fans who find Nancy Drew a little too, uh, white, may I suggest Murder on the Red River (2021), a knock-you-back debut which introduces RENÉE “CASH” BLACKBEAR, a moody, rebellious nineteen year-old Ojibwe pool hustler, truck driver and aged-out foster child with … Continue reading Cash Blackbear

Viviana Valentine

Created by Emily J. Edwards “I’ve been a Girl Friday for the best P.I. in the city for years, ya moron… You think I didn’t learn a thing or two?” Rough-and-tumble Tommy Fortuna is allegedly the best private eye in 1950s New York City, but it turns out VIVIANA VALENTINE, his spunky, long-time "Girl Friday" (her … Continue reading Viviana Valentine

The Dick Powell Show

Television Anthology Series (1961-63, NBC) Hosted by crooner-turned-amiable-tough-guy Dick Powell, the aptly titled THE DICK POWELL SHOW (aka “The Dick Powell Theatre," "The Dick Powell Reynolds Aluminum Show") was the actor/host/producer’s his last anthology show, but it was a good one, a quality production garnering Emmy nominations for Outstanding Dramatic Achievement for both seasons it was … Continue reading The Dick Powell Show

J.F. Kelly (“Last of the Private Eyes”)

Created by Richard Carr and Robert L. Jacks “It’s a dirty business.” — Kelly takes the case. “Last of the Private Eyes,” which aired on April 30, 1963, was the final episode of The Dick Powell Show, and made no bones about it—it’s a tongue-in-cheek parody of the genre. Here's guest host Ronald Reagan in his … Continue reading J.F. Kelly (“Last of the Private Eyes”)

Welcome to L.A.

Opening Remarks by Robert Crais On Friday night, February 28, 2003 in Pasadena, 2003 Left Coast Crime Guest of Honor Robert Crais gave a speech, welcoming attendees. Here's the text: "I WANT TO EXPLAIN where we are and why we're here, so let me give you a fix in time and place: The year was 1958--a … Continue reading Welcome to L.A.