Wilson (Hall)

Created by David C. Hall (1943–) “There was nothing to think about, it was just a matter of keeping on, and there was nowhere to go but straight. Eventually she would get tired. Everybody gets tired, everybody makes mistakes. Which was why, Wilson thought,  you didn’t have to be very smart to do his job." … Continue reading Wilson (Hall)

The Big Stretch

The Longest-Running Series, By Number of Novels(Not including short stories, collections or omnibus editions) According to all the evidence I could gather, if you’re counting by books, the Larry Kent series by "Larry Kent," a house name, is the longest-running P.I. series of all-time, while Le Manchot by Quebecois author Pierre Saurel (assuming he actually … Continue reading The Big Stretch

Joe Barley

Created by Eric Wright (1929-2015)    JOE BARLEY is a part-time professor teaching English literature at Hambleton, a small community college in Toronto, while also occasionally moonlighting as a "watcher" by a local security company. Subplots involving the college and his sometimes-messy personal life with longtime partner Carole crop up frequently in this smart, light-hearted … Continue reading Joe Barley

Lucy Trimble (aka Lucy Brenner)

Created by Eric Wright (1929-2015) LUCY TRIMBLE's a forty-something, part-time librarian and owner of a bed-and-breakfast, living out the last days of a crumbling marriage, in the sleepy Ontario town of Longborough, somewhere 150 miles or so east of Toronto. So how does she end up running a Toronto detective agency? Seems she’s the sole … Continue reading Lucy Trimble (aka Lucy Brenner)

Nick Travers

Created by Ace Atkins (1970--) Maybe no one can sing the blues like Blind Willie McTell, but Ace Atkins certainly gives it a shot. Former New Orleans Saint NICK TRAVERS blew his pro football career when he punched out his coach out (LIVE! ON NATIONAL TELEVISION!).  Not the greatest career move... So now he's a … Continue reading Nick Travers

Ludovic Travers

Created by Christopher Bush Pseudonyms include Noel Barclay and Michael Home (1885-1973) "And that’s not all. Somers is dead too … He poisoned himself … in the lounge!” —from Murder in Fenwold LUDOVIC TRAVERS, a tall, skinny, bespectacled and introspective economist and amateur sleuth, eventually turns pro when he becomes the owner of the Broad … Continue reading Ludovic Travers

Charles Galahad

Created by Leslie Edgley Pseudonyms include Arthur Barker, Lawrence E. Pivak, Robert Bloomfield, Michael Gillian & Brook Hastings (1912-2002) CHARLES GALAHAD, the head honcho of a very successful Los Angeles detective agency, is on the outs with his activist son, but he discovers that's just the start of his problems. First his son has the … Continue reading Charles Galahad

“Big Jim” Foote

Created by Tom Bredehoft This private eye is a little different—he ain't human! Nope, “BIG JIM” FOOTE is the genre’s first Sasquatch Shamus, a fact not immediately recognized by the good citizens of Morgantown, West Virginia. They simply don’t suspect that the friendly local P.I with the rather large feet is “one of them,” living … Continue reading “Big Jim” Foote

Zoe Busiek (Wild Card)

Created by Lynn Latham and Bernard Lechowick "Nobody's ever accused me of being an adult before." -- Zoe reveals she’s no SuperMomThe American TV channel Lifetime isn’t exactly known for its hard-boiled fare, but they did make it a watered-down go back in 2003, when they premiered Wild Card, folding some occasionally gritty and often … Continue reading Zoe Busiek (Wild Card)

Walter Brackett

Created by Derek Marlowe (1938-1996) WALTER BRACKETT is a British eye, a lonely ex-pat middle-aged widower not getting any younger, down on his luck and a long, long way from home in Derek Marlowe's 1974 standalone classic, Somebody's Sister. Melancholy? You’re soaking in it. If Chandler seems too upbeat for you, and Hammett just a … Continue reading Walter Brackett